hMUD - (mostly) Javascript MUD client

Don't know what is M.U.D.?

So that is it, hMUD is a MUD client that uses Flash and Javascript to make it able to connect to any classic Telnet MUD from your web browser.

It also parses the MUD output and generates raw HTML and CSS, so that you can save a colorful log of your MUD sessions.


MUDs running hMUD

NameLanguagehMUD link
Devil's Bob Portuguese
Lost Dragon Chronicles English
BrMUD Portuguese
Mundo de Arkadia Portuguese
Wayfar 1444 English
CyberASSAULT English
LuminariMUD English

Please if you install hMUD for your MUD, let me know the link and I'll add it here.


hMUD is very basic, it doesn't have lots of features, but it has everything you need to play MUD smoothly.


There is just one package, source code + compiled SWF. I used haXe to compile the SWF.

Check the file INSTALL for instructions.

hMUD on GitHub
hmud-0.5.tar.gz(version 0.5)2009-07-30
hmud-0.2.tar.gz(version 0.2)2009-01-16
hmud-0.1.tar.gz(version 0.1)2009-01-15


alo dot and at gmail dot com